Learn the vintage moves from the Roaring 20s. We will have you heel flicking and toe tapping to release your inner flapper and dapper in no time. 


Starting on the 6 November, our brand new 6 week Charleston courses are suitable for all ages and levels. Classes are energetic, stylish and full of humor. With music to match it’s a great social event, which will definitely get your feet swiveling! During the course, you will learn solo 1920s Charleston, through a vocabulary of jazz moves and a series of fun exercises. Each week you will also be perfecting a Charleston routine .  All our dancing is solo- so no need to bring a partner. Our courses run in Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Worthing and Lewes.

Can't make a course? Why not Learn to Charleston in a day! We have upcoming workshops in: Lewes, Worthing, Portsmouth & Lewes.

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We also provide workshops, hen parties, live performances and film editing services. If you require dancers for live events, you can hire our performance troupe Savoy Kicks.



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Learn to Charleston in a day in Brighton, Lewes, Portsmouth, Worthing & London

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Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I say, choose an exercise you love and it won’t feel like a work out. I joined the class because I love dancing, I’m not great at it but I love it and it keeps me fit. Charleston is just the best, gets the heart working and it is such fun. You don’t need a partner and I soon made friends. I’ve just signed up for my 5th term because it always leaves me smiling. Elena and Fiona teach the class brilliantly, we’re always laughing.
— Jacky, Beginners Class
I absolutely love my dance class on a Tuesday night! This is my forth time of booking with I Charleston, I literally go away wanting more! Not only is it fun and exciting but also you burn a load of calories at the same time!
To top it off our dance teacher Elena is amazing and creative with our dance routines also making it fun with no pressure, breaking down the routine and teaching it in parts! You’ll be dancing and laughing in no time!!
— Sian, Beginners Class

new courses this november in brighton, hove,  worthing & Lewes