Join our upcoming courses in Brighton and Hove, Worthing and Lewes.


Monday - Marina Studios, Brighton

Dates: 8 Jan - 5 Feb

Level: Beginner/Dance Novice


£45 Non-Members/£40 Members

Due to New Year's Day and Brighton Half Term dates this course will be 5 weeks rather than our standard 6 week course


Tuesday - Open Space Studios, Hove

Dates:  2 Jan - 6 Feb

Level: Beginner/Dance Novice


£54 Non-Members/£48 Members



Tuesday - Open Space Studios, Hove

Dates:  2 Jan - 6 Feb

Level: Improvers/Intermediate


£54 Non-Members/£48 Members

Tuesday - Westgate Chapel, Lewes

Dates:  2 Jan - 6 Feb

Level: Beginner/Dance Novice

6.30-7.30 pm

£54 Non-Members/£48 Member

Wednesday - Dance Station, Portslade

Dates:  3 Jan - 7 Feb

Level: Beginner/Dance Novice

6-7 pm

£54 Non-Members/£48 Members

Wednesday- DanceHouse Studios, Worthing

Dates:  3 Jan - 7 Feb

Level: Beginner/Dance Novice

7-8 pm

£54 Non-Members/£48 Member

Thursday- Wendy Whatling School of Dance, Seven Dials, Brighton

Dates:  4 Jan - 8 Feb

Level: Beginner/Dance Novice



Just so much fun and joy. In 3 lessons, I feel I can charleston. Thank you! I can’t recommend this class enough.
— Sophie, Thursday Morning Class


Can anyone take part in a Beginners course?

Yes, our courses are open to everyone regardless of age and level. These courses cover all the basic steps and you will learn a vocabulary of classic dance moves that have grown around this dance genre including patterned movement, traveling steps and we will teach a short routine over the course. These classes are open to those who are new to dance and the Charleston. The emphasis is on enjoying a very fun dance. Each term we teach a brand new routine and content.

What is the Improvers Course?

Our six week Charleston and Solo Jazz is designed for you to master the more detailed and advanced 1920s Charleston and the solo jazz moves. During the six week course we will be teaching you advanced footwork, Charleston variations and a more in depth look at solo jazz steps as well as the opportunity to master a detailed choreographed routine. This course is open to those who have some dance experience or already have taken numerous Charleston courses with us.

When can I move up to Improvers?

We usually assess each students on a case by case basis however we recommend at least 3 Beginners course. 

Do I need a partner?

No, our courses focus on Solo Charleston. On some courses we may do some partner work however the majority of the course focuses on solo dancing.

What shall I wear?

We recommend wearing clothes you can dance in. Ideally gym clothes or loose clothing. In terms of shoes we highly recommend shoes with a non-stick sole such as Toms, Greek Dance shoes or jazz trainers.

Tip - If you only have trainers we recommend adding some gaffer tape to help with your swivel.

What is your membership scheme?

Your first course with us is £54 (£9 a session). Once you have joined you automatically become a member so consective courses are reduced to £48 (£8 a session).

What if I can't attend one week?

If you can cannot attend one week, we are happy to transfer you to a different day. For example if you can't make Monday nights at the Marina, why not come along to Tuesdays in Hove instead.

Are course refundable?

Our courses are non-refundable however they are transferable so if you can't make the 6 week course we can transfer you to a different course.

Do I get to perform?

Yes! If you are interested in performing you can get involved in our community events and our film projects we create. Previous performances include: Dance Active, Sports Relief, Bexhill Roaring 20's Festival and various flashmobs. There is no pressure to perform so you can also just enjoy coming to class

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